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BRCGS Participate has moved to LGC Assure

Find out more about the move and what you need to do to gain access

6 July 2023

BRCGS Standards and content has moved to LGC Assure

BRCGS has rebuilt the Participate and we are pleased to announce that it has moved to LGC Assure.

To use Participate you must have a LGC Assure account and then apply for access. You can find out more here about the steps to access the new platform. Users of BRCGS Participate will need to re-register on to continue their access. The old credentials will not work on this site. If you are registered on the BRCGS Directory, you can log in to LGC Assure using your Directory details. Your credentials will automatically give you access to LGC Assure - you do not need to register. Most BRCGS certificated sites, auditors, certification bodies, plus BRCGS Approved Training Partners (ATPs) and Consultants are eligible for access. If you are not from one of these organisations, then you are likely not permitted a subscription. Find out if you can access Participate here.

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