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LGC Assure

Sport and Specialised Analytical Services


The SSAS brands are comprised of global testing, quality assurance, and certification programmes designed to make supplements safe for use. It provides a range of B2B and B2C programmes that verify and provide assurance throughout the supply chain from ingredients to manufacturing to final products.

Informed certification programmes

One of the world’s premier independent drug assurance and certification schemes.

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Animal Sports Testing

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World class reputation in the science and technology of animal doping control.

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Feed Testing

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Rigorous quality control of animal feed for key banned substances

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Human Drug Testing

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Thought leaders in the field of human drug analysis.

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Supplement Custom Testing

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A recognized global brand in the field of sports nutrition products and ingredients.

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The world’s leading proficiency testing provider, delivering confidence in your product testing.

Learn more about Axio: Proficiency Testing


A market-leading global brand that helps build confidence in the supply chain.

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A leading software provider of food quality, supplier quality and compliance management software.

Learn more about Safefood 360

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