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Steps to access Participate

There is a process to getting access to Participate. You can find the process and relevant links in this article.

6 July 2023

Who can access Participate?

To access Participate content, you must be one of the following BRCGS customers or delivery partners:

  • BRCGS site certificated to any of the following BRCGS Standards; Food, Packaging, Storage and Distribution or Agents and Brokers

  • BRCGS auditor

  • BRCGS certification body,

  • BRCGS Approved Training Partner (ATP)

  • BRCGS consultant

Find out more about who can access Participate.

What are the steps to get access to Participate?

We have outlined the steps to gain access to Participate below.

  1. Make sure that you are permitted to access Participate content (see above).

  2. Sign up for a free LGC Assure account on the Request access to Participate page. If you are registered on the BRCGS Directory, you can log in to LGC Assure using your Directory details.

  3. Request access to Participate by filling in the request form (when signed in to LGC Assure)

What happens after you have sent your request?

Once you have filled in the form to request access, a member of the BRCGS Support team will review your submission. They will confirm that you are allowed to access Participate.

If your request is approved you will receive a ‘welcome’ email; you will now be able to sign in to LCC Assure and gain access to Participate’s exclusive content using the search facility and storing in your personal library.

Still unable to see Participate content? Contact the BRCGS support team.

Can I access Participate

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