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BRCGS Participate FAQs

Find out all of the information you need to know about the BRCGS Participate on LGC Assure

6 July 2023

Overview of Participate updates

What is happening?

Participate will be moving away from to BRCGS's parent company’s website (LGC Assure).

Why is this happening?

After in-depth conversations with customers and analysing them using the existing version of the application, we discovered more about our customers’ needs. We identified that there are many areas we can improve Participate so that we can help our customers improve the way in which they access and use BRCGS publications and documents.

The existing version of Participate is a third party platform that BRCGS license. And whilst it allows us to customise some areas for BRCGS customers, we decided that by building a bespoke version of Participate, we would be able to improve the overall customer experience.

Finally, BRCGS is part of the LGC Assure group of companies, including Informed, Safefood 360° and SSAS. Each company compliments each other and allows us to achieve our mission to provide intelligent supply chain assurance for our customers. By integrating systems, data, and our people, we are able to provide our customers with more confidence within their supply chain operation.

The Participate implementation on the LGC Assure website is the one of the first parts in this process and will allow our customers, over time, to access information and data essential to their work from a wider range of services.

When is it happening?

On June 27, Participate you can access Participate at There is a process that all users need to follow to gain access, which we have detailed below and linked to more detailed information.

If you would like to keep up to date on our progress, you can sign up to receive news here.

Who needs to know?

It’s important to note that Participate is a subscriber only platform. LGC Assure account not an open platform and a subscription requires certain criteria. If you are from a BRCGS certificated site, auditor, certification body, or an approved training partner or a BRCGS consultant then access is available to you.

You can find out more about who can access Participate here.

What do you need to do?

As described above, access to Participate is limited to certain customers. If you have confirmed that you are permitted to access the platform then the process is straightforward. It may take xx days to process your request. And it will require you to take certain actions. All of this has been detailed here.

How can Participate help me?

We will have a range of features in Participate that will help you organise and manage your content.

To find out more about Participate features, visit this page here.

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