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LGC Assure

LCG Assure


LGC ASSURE improves assurance across your site, operation or supply chain network. We provide Intelligent Assurance through a range of products and services, delivered by our team of experts at AXIO Proficiency Testing, BRCGS, INFORMED Sport,Safefood 360º and SSAS.

Helping to improve ESG performance

The LGC ASSURE ESG platform - ESG LEAD - enables food manufacturers to measure, manage and improve ESG performance with confidence. Built in partnership with EcoDesk, experts in ESG, ESG LEAD can help you track ESG KPIs across your own organisation, plus each manufacturing site in your supply chain.

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Discover assurance and supply chain news and expertise

Assurance Insights

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LGC ASSURE Assurance Insights is a monthly bulletin that uses industry data to highlight supply chain trends and strategy.

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Executive Update

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LGC ASSURE Executive Update is a monthly newsletter that curates the most important developments in the world of assurance and supply chain.

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LGC ASSURE can safeguard the integrity and continuity of your business. Get in touch with us today to find out more.

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The world’s leading proficiency testing provider, delivering confidence in your product testing.

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A market-leading global brand that helps build confidence in the supply chain.

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Delivering quality assurance through globally trusted testing and certification programmes for banned substances.

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A leading software provider of food quality, supplier quality and compliance management software.

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