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Can I get access to Participate?

Participate access is limited to certain people. Find out more in this article.

6 July 2023

BRCGS Participate is an online platform that provides free access to a wealth of technical information and guidance including all BRCGS Global Standards and supporting publications, webinars, white papers and more. A convenient and flexible way to access BRCGS content, BRCGS Participate ensures sites can get the full value from their certification. It is a valuable resource to ensure compliance is maintained between audits and to support continuous improvement.

Participate is a convenient and flexible way for LGC Assure partners to access a wealth of information in one place.

  • BRCGS certificated sites who pay a full service package fee. Sites must have a current certificate against any of the following BRCGS Standards; Food, Packaging, Storage and Distribution or Agents and Brokers. To apply you will need the site code listed on your certificate (you can also find it in the BRCGS Directory).

  • Certification bodies registered with BRGCS can access our Standards and additional guidance to ensure knowledge on the latest requirements and industry best practice is always at your fingertips. To apply you will need the certification body identification number which you can find in the BRCGS Directory.

  • BRCGS trained auditors can find our standards and additional guidance along with the checklists and information vital to carry out an effective audit. To apply you will need your registered auditor number.

  • BRCGS Approved Training Partners (ATP) can find our standards and additional guidance key to providing effective training course. To apply you will need your registered ATP number which will have been given to you on registration. Can’t find your number? Email

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