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Top brands help BRCGS celebrate 25 years of supply chain assurance

Last year, BRCGS reached an impressive milestone and it celebrated its 25th anniversary in style with glowing praise for its achievements in recent years from a range of top brands.

18 April 2022

Established in 1996, BRCGS has since extended its expertise and its reach to become one of the world’s leading consumer protection organisations.

Its mission is simple and clear: to connect and protect the global supply chain.

An impressive track record of success in international supply chain assurance standards

Over the past quarter of a decade, BRCGS has built and maintained an enviable reputation for delivering impressive results for the companies that are certified to its international standards. And for continuing to innovate and lead the way when it comes to setting the highest benchmarks for food and product safety processes that help protect businesses, supply chains and consumers alike.

Having started life as a UK-based standards writer BRCGS has transformed into being a globally recognised provider of world-class supply chain assurance services.

Today, BRCGS global standards set the benchmark for best practice across many different sectors, providing assurance to people that products are safe, legal and of high quality.

More than 30,000 customers in over 130 countries worldwide are certified to BRCGS standards and BRCGS now operates the world’s most rigorous supply chain assurance programmes.

Putting consumer safety at the heart of everything

Congratulating BRCGS for 25 successful years of ‘helping retailers like us work with dependable suppliers’, Waitrose said that BRCGS supports its goals as “they have one of the most rigorous standards available in the market. We have great confidence in our partners who are certified under BRCGS, because we only use the best for our customers. To us, food is personal, so we like suppliers that use science for a safer world.”

Sharon Birkett, VP of Global QA Operations at US-based custom food product supplier OSI Group said: “BRCGS is always looking at emerging risks. They collaborate with diverse food industries and sectors, reviewing and updating their standards accordingly. The standards are ahead of their time and challenge OSI’s food safety and quality policies with the new identified emerging risks. This makes it uncomplicated to remain current with the risks identified for the food industry.”

Meanwhile, Lindsay Hay, Director of Quality Assurance at Pepsico Europe, said: “For 25 years, we have seen BRCGS as a leading global organisation, committed to driving quality and food safety standards to the highest levels in industry. Congratulations on celebrating this incredible milestone and for the legacy you have created and continue to create in putting consumer safety at the heart of everything you do.”

Bizhan Pourkomailian, Director of Food Safety, Restaurant & Distribution, at McDonald’s, said: “McDonald’s and BRCGS have been working together for over two decades to harmonise food safety standards globally. We both adopt a science-based approach to food safety, bringing together great minds and bringing different voices and different experts to the forefront. Working together with BRCGS has allowed us to establish new connections and strengthen old ones. It is a good relationship that allows us to further food safety standards across the industry.”

For 25 years, we have seen BRCGS as a leading global organisation, committed to driving quality and food safety standards to the highest levels in industry.

Find out why brands support 25 years of BRCGS

BRCGS has had a massive impact on food and product safety in the last 25 years, as told by leading brands. If you would like to understand more about how we can help you improve supply chain assurance, contact us today.

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