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LGC ASSURE’s INFORMED launches protein verification program

Extending our range of global INFORMED programmes to give confidence to consumers

24 February 2023

INFORMED Protein gives brands the chance to certify their products

LGC ASSURE’s range of assurance programmes, INFORMED, has launched a new protein testing and verification certification, Informed Protein. The new certification is an extension of the range of global INFORMED programmes which include Informed Sport, Informed Choice, Informed Ingredient, Informed Manufacturer, as well as the Informed ‘free-from’ offerings including Plant-Based and Gluten-Free.

Informed Protein was developed to give confidence to consumers by verifying the amount of protein within protein supplement products. Certified products are assessed for their total nitrogen content and are evaluated for their carbon/nitrogen ratio to ensure batch-to-batch consistency. Informed Protein also performs a free amino acid analysis and tests for common adulterants to evaluate non-protein nitrogen that can falsely elevate protein claims. To minimize the risk of inadvertent adulterants and to ensure products are produced to high-quality standards, the verification program performs robust facility assessments of all manufacturing facilities producing certified products.

Once products are certified, they will be regularly tested through blind sampling of products. Program administrators will purchase the products from retail and they will be analysed under ISO 17025 accredited methods at our Lexington laboratory in Kentucky USA.

Protein supplements tested and certified by Informed Protein will carry the Informed Protein logo on product packaging stating they have been regularly tested. The presence of the Informed Protein logo gives supplement users assurance that the product label claims have been verified independently - thereby providing confidence that the amount of protein within a product matches what is listed on the label.

Certified products will be listed on the new Informed Protein website ( along with all tested batch numbers. The website features robust search options in which users can search for protein supplements by protein type, product goal, formulation type, product category, and regional availability. All certified product pages contain links to purchase the product from the brand or popular retail websites for ease of use.

“With transparency demands from consumers becoming increasingly prevalent, Informed Protein provides supplement brands an extra level of quality assurance to their customers that the amount of protein they’re paying for is actually in the product. With supply chain issues facing the industry right now, reputable companies can utilize this certification to demonstrate their commitment to quality assurance and trust to their customers,” said Paul Klinger, INFORMED Business Development Director. “When a supplement user sees the Informed Protein logo on a product, they can have confidence the amount of protein listed on the label is accurate and has been independently verified.”

Informed Protein has already seen interest from many popular supplement brands worldwide, certifying products from Bare Performance Nutrition, Ritual, TYM, Musclefeast and PhD Nutrition. Many other protein products are currently in the midst of the certification process, poised to offer their customers an added layer of trust and assurance in their supplement products.

About Informed Protein

Informed Protein is a global protein testing and verification program developed to verify the amount of protein within protein supplement products. Products carrying the Informed Protein logo have been regularly tested to verify the amount of protein listed on the packaging. Established by LGC, all certified products undergo analysis for free amino acids by LGC’s world-renowned laboratories using ISO 17025 accredited methods as well as a detailed manufacturing audit. For more information on Informed Protein, please visit

Banner image with man sitting down on road wearing sports clothes holding a phone in his right hand and protein shake bottle in his left hand. There is the red and black "Informed Protein We Test You Trust" label with strapline below "Building Trust in Protein Verification" with a yellow background.

Protein assurance with Informed Protein

Give customers a feeling of trust in your protein product with the Informed Protein logo. Get in touch to find out how the programme can protect your brand.

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