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BRCGS provides supply chain assurance for plant-based products through Certification

LGC ASSURE brand BRCGS is the leading global authority for developing and delivering plant-based supply chains assurance certification that deliver trust and confidence

3 June 2022

Supporting assurance as supply chains shift to plant-based foods

Supply chain and food industry experts are forecasting ‘explosive growth’ in demand for plant-based food products. As increasing numbers of people around the world make the shift to incorporating elements of a healthier, lower environmental impact and ethically sourced diet, BRCGS is providing supply chain assurance, supporting brand owners wanting to build trust with consumers looking for ‘free from’ food options.

The market for plant-based certification is growing rapidly and is forecast to reach $74bn by 2027. This is being driven by the rise of the conscientious consumers seeking diets that are healthier, have a lower environmental impact or are more ethically sourced,.

Experts are forecasting ‘explosive growth’ in demand for plant-based food products over the next decade. Bloomberg Intelligence predicts that plant-based foods will make up 7.7% of the global protein market by 2030, with a value of more than $162 billion – up from just $29.4 billion in 2020.

Getting on board with a global trend

The latest statistics from Veganuary, the registered charity behind an annual campaign to encourage people to try a vegan diet for the month of January, support this dramatic shift. In 2022, more than 620,000 peopled signed up to take part in the Veganuary campaign – up from just over 582,500 in January 2021. Research from data analytics company Kantar additionally suggests that each year 10 times more people actually participate and try vegan food for a month than register through the Veganuary website. That would mean more than six million people took part this year. Progressive global restaurant chains, plant-based food market leaders and the health and sustainability benefits of a vegan diet are all contributing to driving long-term adoption of alternative food options. And BRCGS is providing supply chain assurance – to protect and help brands and consumers alike.

83% of Veganuary 2022 Participants plan permanent diet change

Choose a Plant-Based Standard trusted by global brands to provide assurance

Demand for globally recognised certification is forecast to grow in line with market demand. This is due to the ongoing need for greater transparency about claims made around plant-based foods and for robust systems and processes that reduce cross-contamination with non-vegan ingredients.

Part of LGC Assure, BRCGS is the leading global authority for developing and delivering industry and science-based ‘free from’ programs​ that deliver trust, confidence and assurance. The plant-based certification programme developed by BRCGS is based on a comprehensive management system approach and provides a framework to assist manufacturers in the production of plant-based foods. It includes operational criteria required to be in place to ensure that plant-based products are free of material of animal origin.

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BRCGS Plant-Based Certification provides greater assurance and helps consumers trust brands. Find out more about the Standard at

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